Sunday, January 2, 2011

This year's goal

So the plan for the year is to participate in Pajiba’s Cannonball Read (it explains things much better than I can). I’ve promised to read and review 52 books this year. The rules are that the works have to be at least 200 pages, and short story collections have to have at least 6 stories. The unspoken rule is it should be the first time that I’ve read it, because it’s all about honoring an awesome woman who loved to read. The challenge for me will be reading books I haven’t read before. I’m a serial  re-reader, which is both bad and good. It’s bad because I’m not expanding my horizons, but it’s good because my favourite books are different every time I read them.  As I change, the books change. However, to go along with the spirit of the challenge I’ll only use books I haven’t read before, or in extreme cases that I last read in high school.
Anyway, what I would love is some recommendations. Do you know a book that I would love? If you need examples look at what I’ve reviewed in the past. I know there’s a lot of YA in there, but other books that I’ve loved include Special Topics in Calamity Physics, The Secret History, A Room With a View,The Cider House Rules, Middlesex, Atonement (though I did throw it against the wall before I finished it), Vanity Fair and Middlemarch.

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